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Hairy -arsed men
30/03/17 04:45:56

The video featuring Dario Beck, is a tribute to hairy-arsed men, who clearly enjoy ultra sensitivity in that area. Conner Habib was a good partner, but it would be interesting to see Dario perform with one of the ten or twelve inch well-endowed stars that feature on the  Kristen Bjorn array of fine-looking men that will compliment Dario`s undoubted good looks.

If he wants to be split in two ; so be it ! 

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 1
01/04/17 06:27:38

If Dario Beck makes his way to Europe, maybe we can make it happen!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
01/04/17 15:36:04

Kristen, thanks for this prompt reply. Perhaps other admirers than me, will now  live in hopes of Dario having cause to make his way to Europe. Could you please  convey this good will fan mail to him , by way of encouragement ?

It must be said that The Forum is a good means of showing extra appreciation of your many gifted stars. Truly ,they deserve every accolade that should be forthcoming from your discerning  membership.

Name: andrew