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Manhattan Latin Scene 1
01/04/17 04:15:38

This is a good insight into a man`s way of coping with his erotic yearnings after enjoying a couple of steaming affairs in more exotic climes than New York. Any man in such a situation should follow Domino`s private  example in  how he handles and manoeuvres his body on that roof top......

Domino ,obviously did not need anybody else to play the game of "Dominoes" with him, at this later  time, because  he was clearly too busy pleasuring his body to great visual effect..... I wonder if the rooftops of Manhattan still witness the disporting activities of such a handsome brooding expressive Brazilian ? Is he still filming, Kristen ?

It must be said that it was clear from the onset that a lot of trouble was taken to encourage( Double-jointed ?) Domino to open his legs as  wide as possible, and thereby show the camera exactly what he was made of , (in enviable detail), This necessitated Domino to go to the provocative  limits of male sexuality;  he appeared to be constantly on heat ... This must have also been occasioned by the presence of  superb direction, and close up camera work.. Such beautifully-explicit, self-indulgent action is true Sex Education for any sexually- imaginative Man that aspires to be The Perfect Lover, at any age !

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 1
04/04/17 14:42:18

I think that Domino's short film career ended long ago. We can only wonder if he still lurks on the city rooftops 27 years after Manhattan Latin was shot!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
04/04/17 15:12:39

Thanks for your witty reply, Kristen !I happen to think that some of your best Action has been filmed on Rooftops, Kristen, The Vampire of Budapest involved an architecturally-dramatic  skyline ! The rather  arid Manhattan Properties of twenty seven years ago would have no doubt, since filming, been redeveloped.

Hopefully, Domino was not found still masterbating in style  under the rubble... I am reminded of  the story tale of   Rip Van" Winkle", who went to sleep for 100 years, then woke up, somewhat bewildered... Domino, by my reckoning,  would have only just seventy three years to go .if he has followed Mr.Winkle`s  example  !

Name: andrew