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Louis Lecaulte
26/04/17 09:03:57

Will handsome Venezuelan, Louis Lecaulte be filming again for The Kristen Bjorn Studios ? He really has got what it takes. His most memorable  performance with Viktor Rom , sizzled from beginning to end , in the most natural way possible.

Name: andrew
Answer num: 1
26/04/17 13:32:30

It's hard to say if or when Louis Ricaute will shoot with us again. He lives in Buenos Aires, and he only comes to Europe on occasion. Personally, I would like to see him without the shaved head (he's not balding), and without the Abraham Lincoln type beard. I think he would look much handsomer, and I've told him so... But he didn't take my advise. What do you guys think?

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
28/04/17 03:59:33

I agree with you Kristen regarding Louis`s Lincoln type beard. Maybe , like me, he cannot bear to have hair on his head, though He does have the perfect shaped skull for this hairstyle. However, it does presently, draw attention to those smouldering eyes....

If he chose not to film anymore and grew his hair, on your advice; in all probability, no one would recognise him from the roles that he has previously  played.

whatever "Persona" that he choses to portray in future,I agree with Kristen, that without doubt. Louis Ricaute is highly-handsome, and would do well as a Fashion Model, as an alternative option. He does look so naturally- good with "His Kit" off....... !

Name: andrew