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Felipe Ferro and Jose Quevedo
28/04/17 04:08:07

Let me say that I was delighted to see this KB bonus video appear on The Lucas Entertainment Site. It certainly was an electric fiercely hot performance, whereby Felipe and Jose, gave all that they had got, and certainly a lot more... There was some good Lucas Viewer response to this video, and I posted an important  comment ,that Lucas Viewers could take up a membership of KB, and equally vent their opinions on The Forum.... Kristen always obliges with a personal reply, but Michael Lucas is seldom heard from these days. A direct link, and cross-fertilisation exchange of creative Ideas between the two companies would not be commercially bad for The Industry, which should avoid "AD Nauseum Potboilers" at all costs ;there is far too much proliferation. It is vital that  a lot of patient camera work should take place, and the highest of standards achieved, to convey stimulating  Maximum Male Enjoyment of Beautiful, and sometimes forceful Sexual Activity, which "ticks all the boxes", as Calvin Mullins, The very stylish  Compere, verbally knows, just how to do !!

Felipe and Jose, take a bow. You  immediately became "An Encore Favourite" ! "It is good to share"...

Name: andrew
Answer num: 1
28/04/17 16:59:18

Thanks Andrew. I don't know why Lucas Entertainment's members are so much more vocal than ours (present company definitely excluded!) The have been no comments at all made about the the LE scene we posted... I should explain that Felipe and Jose are lovers in real life, and this was Jose's casting video which was released on our site a couple of years ago. The content exchange between KB and LE are not new scenes. But hopefully, they will be new to the members on both sites who get the benefit of the bonus exchange scenes.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
29/04/17 16:43:59

Thanks for the information about Felipe and Jose being" An Item". I rather expected as much, for they seemed very well rehearsed , in the nicest sort of sensual way.

The Bonus Exchange Scenes that you decide to post, hopefully will spark off more comment.

They certainly are good scenes , I must say, and they will catch on, and gain you Worthwhile Membership

I just wonder if members are too busy texting/using Ipads etc to participate in Forum Discussions , which can bring about a certain kind of enjoyable Companionship, and Repartee.

Perhaps Technology has moved too fast, too soon, Kristen. I can assure you that I, for one, will continue to comment !

Name: andrew
Answer num: 3
29/04/17 16:49:29

Thanks, Andrew!

Name: Kristen