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Sergio de Castillo and Carlos Caballero
31/05/17 03:23:18

I recently came across a very virile and rather interesting star named Sergio de Castillo, acting in "Manville", along with the charismatic Carlos Caballero. I have to say that they looked good together in the finale, and it was a very interesting interview, subsequently, with Sergio, who simply oozed sex appeal in his tight well-fitting black tee shirt. Carlos has gone on to do great support work for The Studio, and he clearly has an instinct for what needs to be achieved. Seemingly, so did Sergio, so I am paying them both a belated compliment. Sometimes, these things need to be said !

Name: andrew
Answer num: 1
01/06/17 03:13:28

If I remember correctly, Sergio del Castillo was in the following films: Men Amongst The Ruins Parashooter Manville Rocks & Hard Places 1 The first was shot in Central America, and the others were shot in Spain after I moved here in 2004. Sergio moved to New York a year later. For quite a few years, Sergio was unable to leave the USA, so we weren't able to work together again.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
01/06/17 04:47:53

Thanks for the information concerning the films that Sergio took part in., Kristen. I certainly would not like to  have my freedom to leave the USA constrained... but it is a great shame that you were not able to work with Sergio again, as he was, in my opinion, Sexual Dynamite !

Men of his calibre, are, nevertheless, drawn to your studio, and you obviously keep looking for An Actor that has "That Je ne Sais Quoi",  and consequently  come up with "The Winners".

It is a shame when Adonis Men like Marci Rubi leave "The Fold",or  others like the charismatic  Christian Hertzog pass away. Some really good Stars have worked, and still work for you, nevertheless, and, I am pleased to see for myself  that they do so.

I am surprised to learn that "Men amongst the ruins" was shot in Central America. Your locations are always "Choice", and give much "Added Interest".

Name: andrew
Answer num: 3
02/06/17 03:23:11

Time stands still for no one, alas! If you were to see Marco Rubi now, you may not even recognise him. But part of the magic of this media is that we can freeze moments in time, and preserve them in a way. I was based in Miami and shot there for several years, until 9/11 occured. After that, it became nearly impossible for me to bring foreign models into the USA from Eastern Europe and Latin America. So, for several years I shot in Central America and the Carribean just to be able to work with many models who were no longer allowed the enter the USA. That, and the political climate of the time made me decide to base myself in Europe, where models from everywhere were free to enter. With the near demise of the DVD market, we have had to work work with budgets of maybe one-tenth of what they used to be. While we still try to maintain high production values, the cost of working in many wonderful locations has become restricted. And when I see that some of the most successful websites today shoot every scene in the same location, it makes me wonder if viewers care about that anymore.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
05/06/17 01:59:34

You were able to bring a cosmopolitan input to your early videos that nobody in the industry today can take away from you. The Locations, the ambience, always fuels My  Erotic Imagination, and by filming in the same location, The Industry has become somewhat Stale, with A Production Line Tendency, that verges on Mindlessness. It is a shame that no one else has your depth of Sensitivity. I had hoped that you would have received a Life Time`s Award at the recent ceremony, but, congratulations on winning  "The Best Three Way".  

You do well to be based in Europe, and in my opinion, some of the best Porn stars have come from Eastern Europe, where The Mind Set to do with Man Sex is somewhat different... You speak about "Freezing the moment", which can be most  certainly "Magical", and frankly, no one has done, or ever could do that as well as you Kristen. So many of your Actors  should be thankful to have been able to have earned their good reputation with your unerring guidance;  and that should include  the almost unrecognisable-now Marco Rubi !

Name: andrew
Answer num: 5
05/06/17 14:12:09

Thanks for your kind words, Andrew. I actually did win a GayVN lifetime achievment award... But that was 20 years ago!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 6
07/06/17 06:43:52

Can your subscribers nominate you Kristen ? I would be happy to do so for 2018. Other Forum readers might be happy to participate in this way of honouring your excellent  work.

Best wishes,


Name: andrew
Answer num: 7
11/06/17 05:37:46

Thanks, Andrew. In the case of the Grabby Awards, I believe there is no popular vote.

Name: Kristen