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Arab Porn stars
07/06/17 04:26:38

I came across  the rather sultry-looking Abdul Hajjouri in Montreal Men Three, and found out that he was the first Arab National to work for the Studio, so I left a favourable comment. It is an excellent Canadian Series that showcases many attractive Canadian Men. there still seems  to be an inexhaustible supply, where naked Pole Dancing at "Stock Bar" is concerned.

 I now submit a question:- have there been any more exciting  Arab Actors recruited by Kristen Bjorn? It seemed that Abdul was "The first, and The Last "?  For a Nation, that from ancient times, has allegedly had a great delectation for male sex, this omission is slightly surprising. After all, they have left "The Arab Strap" for Posterity; being the only nation to have such a useful Male Accessory named after them !

Please direct and advise me....

Name: andrew
Answer num: 1
11/06/17 04:28:28

Because of close family ties, and conservative social values, I think that few Arabs dare to perform in gay porn videos. Of course there are gay men in Arab countries (like everywhere else), but they are forced to be very discreet. I have worked with a couple of Lebanese guys, but they didn't consider themselves Arabs. And I have worked with other Muslim models from countries like Azerbaijan and Turkey, but they aren't Arabs.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
11/06/17 10:47:02

Kristen,Thanks for explaining the situation regarding Arabs not participating in The Porn Industry.Please could you give me the names of the Lebanese Guys, and those from Azerbaijan and Turkey ?

Name: andrew
Answer num: 3
13/06/17 04:24:45

From Turkey: Huessein From Lebanon: Ely Chaim, Amir Dib (by heritage) From Azerbaijan: Jalil Jafar, Muktar Safarov

Name: Kristen