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08/06/17 03:38:19

Congratulations for winning The Three Way Award, Kristen. You have so many good Three Way Videos to your credit. It was good to hear that Hans Berlin was able to attend. I understand that people paid good money to buy tickets and accommodation in order for the ceremony to proceed, only to find that one disrespectful  presenter wore a long fur coat, and continually flashed a spandex outfit. This should have belonged to a private party, that no doubt took place afterwards. I understand that some errant Twinks did their bit to disrupt proceedings. This is a shame ,when a good deal of Professionalism went into organising this prestigious event for the Industry. Definitely, more Respect should be shown, and in this Department, Kristen, your Studio Staff leads  the Way. !

Name: andrew
Answer num: 1
11/06/17 04:39:40

Thanks, Andrew. I didn't attend the Grabby Awards, but Calvin Mullins was there to represent the studio, and Hans Berlin was there to accept the award. I wasn't aware of the disruptions that took place, but award shows in the porn industry tend to be a lot less formal than the Academy Awards. This is the first year that condomless films were nominated at the Grabbys, which is an important milestone.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
11/06/17 10:22:56

I am delighted to hear that Condomless Films are now being nominated at The Grabby Awards. About time too . this is long overdue, because Testing for HIV has been a wise precaution before every performance. The Penis has thus been liberated for very close-up camera work. After all said and done, every one is different, and some are really quite beautiful, and it is a shame that none can be inherited...

Name: Andrew