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Action scene 5
04/07/17 05:05:10

I wonder if the double penetration that took place in this video is the longest on record ?

Name: andrew
Answer num: 1
05/07/17 05:06:13

I don't think that the Guinness book of world records includes double penetrations... But certainly for us, it was one of the longest DP scene we have ever filmed.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
05/07/17 16:12:16

Well, Kristen ,Double Penetrations could be considered as an alternative kind of Sport; and an extremely  good weight loss exercise....It really is the finest form of Recreation !

There must be other publications  than The Guinness Book of Records, that would take note of your filming in "Action Scene 5.".

Isn`t it a shame that Society has not advanced enough for English Video Makers ,such as yourself, not to get a mention in The Queen`s Honours ? I do admire the artistry in your work, and the painstaking professionalism that is the hallmark of your website .I must say, at this juncture, that Calvin Mullins` literary work also deserves an award. He certainly is imaginative and beautifully-explicit. I always look forward to what he has got to say.

By the way,do you have plans to recruit some of your new talent for similar length DP scenes  to Action Scene 5 ? Some stars would probably like to specialise in this kind of action, and thereby make a name for themselves..

You might find them  very willing and able, seeing as you are directing them. After all, You are The Undoubted  Master of what Male Wonders  you survey..... !

Name: andrew
Answer num: 3
07/07/17 06:18:15

Thank you again for your high praise, Andrew! Back in the days when Action was filmed, we took five days to film each scene. That one DP scene took an entire day to shoot! Unfortunately, we no longer have the budget to spend more than one day per scene these days, instead of 5. Now, not so much time can be spent filming one position. Of course I still intend to shoot DP scenes with new talent. But the actually DP parts may not be as long as the one in Action, scene 5.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
07/07/17 15:52:03

All that I can say Kristen, that "The D.P. Day", was a day well-spent. That all amounted to some spectacularly-filmed  Cock Strain, and A Wonderful  Time of High Expectancy, for the Actor on "The Receiving End "...

Budget Restraints, now , sadly,tend to take the "Relish" , out of Those Highly-Erotic  Times ,that you and the actors used to be able to savour....

Now ,your New Talent will have to be recruited as  Adrenalin -Filled -Instant- Dynamos; so, Forum Readers can probably-  expect The Wham Bam Aligazam Show !...

Not all Fast Food is bad, however !

Bearing in mind this revised  criteria,I wonder who you have, next, in mind Kristen ?

Name: andrew
Answer num: 5
08/07/17 04:01:37

It is just a thought, Kristen, perhaps you could have Pneumatic Drill Sound Effects , when the action becomes totally-vigorous  during these future-planned, DP "Cameos"...Correct me please, if this idea  has been utilised before, but correspondents to The Forum are invited to submit their suggestions, and comment about what they best like to see during your Actors` Quest for Orchestrated  Sexual Satisfaction ....

Name: andrew