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Dennis Sokolov
10/07/17 10:58:04

Is there any likelihood of The Studio inviting Dennis Sokolov to film again ? Bantam Weight Bottoms are seemingly few and far between:- Rafael Lords and Armond Rizzo have found fame and fortune by being tossed tossed around and about a bed... Dennis, is of a similar size, but his clean cut look is equally as seductive as the aforementioned Latinos.This sleek young Russian Man has got potential that should be realised !

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 1
12/07/17 05:48:40

Denis Sokolov shot 2 scenes for us. The second scene has yet to be released. I do hope to work with Denis again in the near future.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
12/07/17 08:48:59

Thanks for the good news, Kristen. Dennis Sokolov is "well worth The Wait", and I am pleased to hear that you do hope to work with him again, in the near future. I just wanted you, personally, to confirm, what I think; that he is definitely, "A  Winner" of The Stunning Kind ! !

By the way, the phrase that I have conjured up, on first sight of Mr.Sokolov, namely "Bantam Weight Bottoms", could be an interesting title for a future series. I wonder if this catch phrase has ever been used before ?

As far as I know, no reference books exist, that can  cite Informal  Homoerotic Terminology, coupled with" Video Series"," Categories," and their assorted  titles.. I would have thought that there was some risk of a certain amount of  duplication  by different studios, not knowing what one or the other is currently-working on. "Blogs", seem to be the only "Safety Net" in this respect. They are professionally-suggestive of Forthcoming Content...Some of these are titillating works of Literary Art, as We well-know. 

Perhaps Calvin might like to  compile a Dictionary/ Thesaurus. that would, indeed be a raunchy and very interesting "Read"  ! At long last, perhaps Forum Readers could write in , contributing the words that they like to use, in "The Heat of The Moment"........Discourse, coupled with Intercourse... What could be better ?

Name: andrew
Answer num: 3
13/07/17 04:36:57

There are quite a few porn actors who are not very tall. But if their bodies are well proportioned, and if they are paired with ther actors of a similar height, you can't really tell their size on screen, Denis actually isn't really small. But in the scene we posted, he is with two tops who are both very tall (around 6´3, or 1.90 cm) making Denis look small. But a smaller bottom can sometimes look alright with a larger top. You are right about the titles of series or scenes; we have no way of knowing which titles other studios will come up with. Usually I do a search on existing titles, but there is a possibility of a duplicated title. What I do see more and more is the absence of titles amongst other studios. There is a lot of ¨Rod fucks Parker Raw¨. Is that a turn on when used so often?

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
14/07/17 05:02:45

How easy it is, for The eye to be deceived, as you so -rightly say, Kristen. It is a case of "One eye open, the other closed, that is how The Picture gets composed ".With Respect, when it comes to Goliath being "The Top", and "David, "The bottom"; it really does become a case of Flip Fucking, at its very best !

Frequency of inane titles being used on a regular basis,by "Run - of-The-mill Studios, this is, as you so-rightly imply, not only boring, it brings on a feeling of unwanted crudity, on the part of The viewers` sensibilities,  and it certainly does not respect the actor that gets lured into performing in that part of the Porn Industry that has become awash with only the non-challenging, Basic Manoeuvres....

I realise that there are Budgetary Stakes, now, to be taken into consideration, and, bearing those in mind, I have decided to post a separate Topic that, may be might  deal, successfully, with "The short sharp Shoot", whereby I know that Kristen Bjorn Productions can now , easily lead the way...

It may be time to have A Second List of Scene Categories in this respect. This will assist Inquisitive Viewers , who may require "An aperitif", only, if they have not got time to view a full movie !

It will be interesting to know what Readers of The Forum might think about This kind of facility that can be offered for this type of "Quality Time"; I fully realise that duration time is always made apparent, and contents declared. One tends to skip over this data, but if it were given more "Pizzazz", it might serve a different purpose, and lead to "The Boner", that every viewer is expecting.. Oh Yes ! Now has arrived  the opportune moment  for some really erotic  Opinion-Expressing ! Perhaps I should say "Watch this space "....

Name: andrew