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The Five Minute Sexual Aperitif.
14/07/17 06:26:34

With Budgetary concerns, such as they are, We Viewers must say "Farewell" to those gorgeously imaginative Classics of K.B ."Yesteryear", and embrace something completely new:-

The Five minute Sexual Aperitif ,   would cater for those Viewers who merely want An Appetiser, rather than a full=length movie, where vital things take a long time to happen...Who really wants repetition, when one can have Circus Top Gymnastics !

This Aperitif Concept, would necessitate a new set of "categories", which could be based on the instructive "Male Kama Sutra", because any hot-blooded man wishes to perfect his performance by looking in at those who excel at what they do as very experienced K.B. Actors.

I distinctly remember the Spanish Academy, where actors were instructed about correct performance, but this theme should now return as "vignettes, of which there could be many:-

How often, in the preamble preparations, have I seen actors neglect each others nates. a good hard pinch always sends strong messages to the penis, implying that it is time for A Boner. There is nothing as beautiful as pronounced Pecs, tapering down to                  God`s gift of A Bubble Butt, and maybe a little mound of flesh over The Coccyx, that can also get aroused , which can then  cause a very speedy Emission,(with a Capital E).

There is also The aperitif of Rimming and Felching , all  the right sensitive areas ,and appropriate massage of the prostrate, which can cause such great excitement....

The biggest achievement of them all ,is to coax a Reluctant Rosebud out of its hiding place, and mercilessly massage it, and deliver to its vamping midst, a load of thick white semen. A real expert can achieve this in a short space of time....Yes ! this is another Aperitif...

The Male Kama Sutra, properly-demonstrated, needs to suggest erotic  possibilities to The Truly-Serious, Ever-Ardent Lover, who takes great joy from being complimented, when he fully-satisfies his partner. That is why I have felt it necessary to propose the contents of this email.

After all said and done, after a few of the possible Kristen Bjorn Aperitifs, one could find oneself "Drunk" with "Lust", and thereby act accordingly , all the night through !

These suggestions are, indeed, intended to be rampant ones, but hopefully they are as suggestive as "A Boner", trying to escape from a miniscule "G String." of Tight Budgetary "Restrictions"...I will conclude by appropriately- saying" Carpe Diem"...

Seriously-speaking, Humanity Considerations need to be brought  back into the Porn Industry, which is slowly loosing all of the subtleties that real men should constantly seek.

This is why the future work of The Kristen Bjorn Studio ,will turn out to be ever-vibrant !

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 1
16/07/17 10:41:26

Action 1&2, which has a running time of 7 hours, was made back when DVDs were still selling well, and bigger was better. Those films weren't made to be viewed in one sitting, but enjoyed over many days. The internet is the new media, and web scenes really have replaced feature films. Even the criteria has changed in regard to what viewers want to see. Its part of the ebb and flow of all things. The real down side to the internet is piracy, which ends up distroying everything. It is said that the average wank takes around 12 minutes. I think that is probably the shortest amount of time a web scene should last.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
26/07/17 16:31:36

I agree that The Internet has a Piracy Downside, with" Pirates" averaging a twelve minute wank ! It is clearly now the time to bring out "the hourglass", for "Timing Purposes", and be subtle and civilised about these things, and look on "The Sexual Aperitif as "Fast Food",not "Fine Dining"..."The Ebb and Flow" certainly will not take away the enjoyment that can be derived from DVDs with the running time of seven hours. Yes, Kristen, "Those were The Days" which will never be forgotten !

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 3
28/07/17 13:18:09

You mention "The Average Wank Time"., Kristen.. How about treating Viewers to a more than average wank, with a selection of steamy highlights from your archive CDs, which really do automatically cause an immediately " Good Boner", and will thereby enable everyone, so- inclined, to climax within twelve highly-exciting minutes. It would be very good practice ! We might then get some raunchy-racy comments on The Forum.....

Name: andrew
Answer num: 4
29/07/17 07:23:07

I'm not sure if I follow you, Andrew. The videos in the MOVIE SCENES area are all scenes from my library of films. Hopefully, they will all achieve their objective. I would certainly welcome more imput from members in this fórum!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 5
29/07/17 15:24:18

I was meaning your library of films, Kristen.It would be very interesting to learn what you consider to be your best work, and then Forum Readers will be able to investigate, and , may be feel that at long last , they can also comment like I do, on a regular basis..After all said and done, you always answer my questions promptly, and let me say "professionally" !

Name: andrew