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In praise of BDSM Leather Gear and Ultimate Bondage
01/08/17 05:31:35

Having recently discovered the amazingly-exciting "Gangsters Scene Four," and regularly savored wearing similar leather gear to that in "Fire Dance", I wonder if there are similar raunchy scenes that I can be directed to in The KB archives ? Hopefully, there will be some equally-randy, irrepressible Fetish Wear Forum Reader Enthusiasts, who may venture to say who and what Their Favorites are....

Name: andrew
Answer num: 1
01/08/17 14:51:12

Well, as you know, I haven't shot many leather scenes. But one other that occures to me is BONE ISLAND, scene 4. Have you see it?

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
02/08/17 09:02:41

I have not fully-investigated your archive, but I do intend to do so. I really am enjoying what leather scenes I have encountered so far, as I think that you are very inspired in the imaginative way that you tackle this kind of frisson... I will certainly tune into Bone Island, and comment accordingly.

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 3
03/08/17 12:44:37

I do indeed remember seeing this episode. Who could forget it ? What an unexpected pleasure ; also a breathtaking introduction to The Wonderful World of Gang Bang leather... Surely THIS IS a Once In A Lifetime Experience, but, it is so easy to "Get Hooked" , and really desire a good deal more of this kind of hot action

Name: Andrew