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High and Tight haircuts for Young and Hopeful Porn Stars
14/08/17 03:22:52

The High and tight Hairstyle suits a lot of young men ; particularly if they have the right shape head and high cheek bones, coupled with a lithe body, which looks better if it is tattoo-free. "The Southside Fade", is more drastic, and looks even more exciting...... No doubt, The Leather Dungeon Guys who still "top and Tail", would agree with airing this topic. After all, Summer is the Right Time for a Nought Point Five Buzz Cut. Do Forum Readers want to "Rebrand" Themselves in this very masculine way ? Comments please ! !

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 1
16/08/17 04:01:40

I find that hairstyles change over time. Many young men choose hairstyles are are trendy at the moment, or try to project an image... But they may not be hairstyles that suit them best. The buzz cut certainly is a classic, but as Andrew mentions, it looks best on men with a right shaped head and facial features.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
16/08/17 09:34:46

Kristen is right that many young men follow a certain trend, but how many really are Trend setters in their own right ? The Viewer will certainly find that there are some nicely-shorn Models on the Kristen Bjorn Website that currently fit , and have fitted into this category over the years of filming. After all, it was Yul Brynner, who, by having his head constantly shaved for "The King and I", enabled The Shaven, or near-shaven head to become respectable within Society.He was never seen with "A Five 0`Clock shadow" ! No longer did it signify a spell in prison, and The American Services could go ahead with their "Induction cuts"....It is not wrong for A man to have the experience of having his head shaved at least once in his life, and have the sudden joy and satisfaction of "That Feel-Good-Factor", upon being regarded as far more tactile, and certainly sexier with "That Clean-Cut Look".

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 3
16/08/17 12:59:13

When it comes to Hairstyles, General Presentation and Manscaping, Nobody seems to to mention that highly-portraying word "Butch", these days, That seething Erotic Look was, in its time, quite devastating.... do we have to go down "Memory Lane" to find these scintillating and exciting Guys ? Kristen,in this respect, who do you consider are ,or were, your best models ?

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 4
19/08/17 04:01:18

Sorry, Andrew... I'm not certain what your last question was.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 5
22/08/17 17:26:58

Kristen,I apologise that I was not more specific.. The term "Butch" applied to the manner in which men used to dress. It denoted extreme masculinity, which women sometimes wanted to copy ! Butch men wore ultra tight clothing, and belong to the era of Peter Berlin and Tom of Finland. If you had any stars resembling this category, it would be interesting to learn of them. The late christian Hertzog wearing skimpy cycling shorts is one example that i can think of......

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 6
23/08/17 07:31:33

Interestingly enough, I met both Peter Berlin and Tom of Finland many years ago. I met Tom at a dinner party in LA in 1989, which was a year before he died. He wasn't dressed in any fetish gear that evening, and I don't know if he regularly did. He talked about how how his erotic fantasies were first inspired by the Nazis who occupied Finland when he was young. Peter Berlin, on the other hand, looked and dressed like a Tom of Finland drawing full time. I occasionally saw him in the streets of San Franciso at the beginning of the 1980's. Christian Hertzog was voted ¨Mister Rubber Berlin¨, although I never saw him in his rubber gear. I'm not aware of any of my other actors who regularly dressed in leather or rubber fetish gear. The few times I have shot scenes in leather or uniforms, it was part of the fantasy of the film. But it wasn't how the guys usually dressed.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 7
25/08/17 07:23:59

Tom of Finland`s Erotic Fantasies do pay tribute to Muscular Men in tight-fitting Uniform, and the Nazis did have "Dress Sense" but i cannot credit them with anything else !! Peter Berlin was A Show Stopper in the streets of San Francisco, in The Eighties,I did not expect your guys to regularly dress in Fetish Gear,but i must say that I have enjoyed the Uniform Fantasies, as they were certainly original ! No doubt there will be successors to Christian Hertzog for the tile of Mister Rubber Berlin. Have you shot some films there Kristen ?

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 8
26/08/17 03:21:02

Indeed, aside from sexy uniforms, the Nazis can't be credited for anything else. I don't believe that Tom sympathized with them and their dogma. In fact, in Nazi occupied Europe, gays were sent to extermination camps along Jews, gypsies, communists, amongst others. I have a theory that certain fetishes are often created out of sexual repression. Even when repressed, sexuality always finds a way of expressing itself. I have been to Berlin, but I haven't shot there before. I've worked with few German models for some unknown reason. Even Christian Herzog, although he lived in Berlin, and took a German stage name, was actually Polish.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 9
31/08/17 02:52:56


Name: Kristen
Answer num: 10
31/08/17 03:32:47

Berlin was the predecessor to Prague, as a filming centre,, and that is possibly why Christian Herzog took a German Stage Name.From the films that you made in Prague, possibly The Germans did not think that they could compete with the Czechs; and rightly so. That is why few of them offered their services. Any Minority Group should ever have to undergo what transpired in Europe between 1939 and 1945. it is a worry to see the Nazi flag flying, and Tom of Finland had to undergo some Repression. He is a prime example of your private theory about Fetish, Kristen. I, for one, never believed that masturbation would make me blind !

Name: Andrew