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Visiting Kristen Bjorn filming Locations
04/09/17 02:27:49

Having enjoyed seeing The Sailor in Sydney series, it occurs to me that viewers who are currently planning their next years` holidays ,might enjoy seeing the locations throughout the world where, what are now considered to be among the most enduring of epic series that ever have been made in the history of film in this genre, took place. Perhaps Kristen can provide an itinerary for appreciative Viewers who are contemplating a cruise somewhere....! !

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 1
05/09/17 04:59:56

I don't keep records of addresses of exact filming locations, which are private property, and probably not accessible.But I could certainly recommend visiting these places where I have filmed Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Manhattan, NY Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Sydney, Australia Montreal, Canada Caracas, Venezuela (currently not recommended) Budapest, Hungary Miami Beach, FL San Juan, Puerto Rico Costa Rica (rural) Antigua, Guatemala Barcelona, Spain Prague, Czech Republic

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
05/09/17 08:40:06

Thanks for supplying this interesting information , Kristen. your has been, and ever will be an investigative travelogue. Have you ever considered a series based on chance encounters at Brighton`s Gay Pride Festival ? The city now attracts men of many nationalities, so there would be plenty of scope, if you were to set up a Casting Couch.

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 3
05/09/17 12:19:34

I have shot films based on major festivals, like Canaval in Rio, Pride, or Bone Island. Logistically, the sex scenes either have to be shot before or after the event, and the street scenes can be shot during the event. It's really very difficult to film sex scenes during big events because there are no locations available, and many of the models are ¨partying¨, and not very reliable. Also, it's only feisable to shoot something like that in a country where most of the models and I live.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
06/09/17 16:51:06

From what you tell me, I can understand the Feasibility Issues that are at stake here, regarding your achievable agendas, Kristen.Whilst I fully realise that you wish to make filming as authentic as possible it could be said that,Major Festivals are a bit like the Olympic Games` venues, as to where they should be held.You, No doubt, have your good reasons for recruiting in Europe; where English Hopefuls can preserve their Anonymity ? ? ?

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 5
10/09/17 12:20:36

I have worked with quite a few English models. But as for preserving their anominity, I'm not sure that is possible if they shoot porn.

Name: Kristen