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scenes from older films
25/09/17 01:29:45

I am particularly interested in rewatching scenes with the beautiful Armando del Toro. The only scenes in which he performs that seem to be available are Casting Couch and Behind the Scenes. Is it possible that Armando's scenes will become available soon? It's really unfortunate that my membership to this site does not include access to scenes from past films.

Name: James
Answer num: 1
25/09/17 15:47:36

Scenes from older films, should be regarded as Mental Maps that are signposts to some of the best films ever made by Kristen Bjorn, that celebrate the male body at its very best. Casting Couch, and Behind The Scenes do showcase models like Armando del Toro, but if there is more footage available, I trust that this will be retrieved for James` enjoyment. I look forward to reading the reply , that no doubt, he will soon receive.

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 2
26/09/17 03:34:36

The movie scenes with Armando del Toro are also posted on this site. On the header, when you click on Member's Area there is a drop-down menu. To the left, are the categories of Web Videos. Click on Movie Scenes. There you will find Armando del Toro in these films: Action part 1 (scene 5), Pride part 1 (scenes 2 & 8), Skin Deep part 1 (scene 8), Skin Deep part 2 (scene 4), and Horns of Plenty part 2 (scenes 6 & 7).

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 3
27/09/17 20:16:05

Thanks Kristen! xoxoxoxo

Name: James
Answer num: 4
30/10/17 15:13:37

One last question about this - I have been really enjoying the older films. It looks as if scenes 4, 5a and 5b are the only ones available from First Time Part 1. Did I miss them in a different spot? Thanks again.

Name: James