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Adrian Molloy
20/10/17 05:41:07

This charismatic Venezuelan young man has great potential, and he does not pale into insignificance beside Wagner Vittoria or Diego Lauzan, He contributes a good performance also, with Xavi Garcia, His flawless tactile skin is definitely,very much , of Masculine Attraction; and he also happens to have a rather nice hairless physique ! Is there any chance of him appearing in other studio productions ? hopefully, he will not be overlooked !

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 1
22/10/17 03:30:51

Andrew, I think you mean Adrian Monroy. Adrian has shot a couple of scenes which haven't been released yet. I always hope to get feedback from members to know what their preferences are. What do you guys think about Adrian Monroy?

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
22/10/17 17:24:10

Thanks for correcting my mistake, Kristen. I look forward to seeing the two scenes that will be released, that feature Adrian in some capacity,

Name: Andrew