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Diego Lauzan
06/11/17 14:58:59

It seems to be ages now, since a clear view of Diego`s Dragons has been able to be clearly-viewed.. For a man that has a widely-famed Bubble Butt, this is indeed a shame. ....Is there a reason why he is not bending over any more for the Camera Man to take a long lingering look at what he has to offer. ? His recent performance as A Bottom ,does indicate that he is happy still to be versatile, and, clearly enjoys being so !
Frankly, he still has got a highly-enviable physique, and a rather nice personality, which, without fail, always appreciates the partner that he is paired with.

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 1
07/11/17 03:30:18

Andrew, there is no particular reason Diego's dragon tattoo hasn't been clearly visible in the last couple of videos. But there is one coming out soon which shows his bubble butt in all it's glory.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
07/11/17 05:46:36

On behalf of All Those that stand in awe of Diego`s Bubble Butt, I am pleased to receive this good news Kristen, Yes, indeed ! Frissons such as this , are well worth waiting for....(Hopefully, the wait will not be too long.) Perhaps we can be treated to some gallery pictures of The Copyrighted Dragons ?

Name: Andrew