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Denis Vegas
19/11/17 03:53:30

I consider Casting Couch 297 to be the best Leather fetish and dildo production filmed between Jesse Dalmau and raunchy Denis Vegas, These are two very hot Spaniards, and I particularly admire the obviously-highly-sexed Denis, What a superb flat stomach and sleek limbs he has ! Will there be any chance of him filming again ? I sincerely hope so,

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 1
19/11/17 03:55:35

Carlos Caballero must be congratulated for the outstanding camera work in Casting couch 297

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 2
19/11/17 05:05:38

Denis was our Discovery, and we found him shortly before we went condomless. Unfortunately, Denis doesn't shoot condomless, so he went to work for other studios. But you can find him in several of our web scenes.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 3
21/11/17 03:16:05

Does every new shoot have to be condomless, Kristen ? Surely an exception could have been made in the case of Denis !

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 4
21/11/17 04:31:32

We did shoot several scenes with Denis, which you can find and enjoy on this site. We did a survey a couple of years ago amongst several thousand members and former member of this site. And almost unanimously, the response regarding this matter was that members preferred bareback scenes to those with condoms. I am open to hearing other opinions, though.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 5
21/11/17 08:28:48

i see that Denis went on to star in his own films, and it is clear from viewing these, that he learned a lot from filming with the KB cameramen. What is so special about Denis ,is that there is always an underlying hint of The Feral, which I think is a very special personal quality in a Porn Star, who knows , with considerable confidence how to keep the adrenaline at boiling point for every second of his commitment. It has to be said that he is the best self-controlled at spouting prodigiously ,amongst The Porn Stars of all time. Hopefully, other opinions, and Contenders for this accolade ,will now step forward,; rock-hard erection at the ready !

Name: Andrew