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Torsen Wolf
25/11/17 16:58:44

May I highly-commend Casting Couch 377, starring Torsen Wolf ? and I do mean," really-starring",,,,His licentious, seductive glances, and erotic /self -Confidence signal the discovery of a potentially great Porn Star....What an entrance does he make ! It is good to have the bonus of a provocative .-- for -starters.Male Striptease act.,and it is immediately obvious that he possesses Cool Fire Attributes.....
The Gallery pictures do justice to Torsen`s faultless fair-skinned torso., whilst it is disported all over the sensuous dark brown leather. whereby,, he sends Gabriel constantly "Heavenward",. There can be no doubt about this man being "A Catalyst". For some reason,there are few actors recruited from Switzerland, but , with the tactile colour of his skin ,he could easily become as "addictive!, as his native country`s ever-tempting , famous white milk chocolate..He certainly is "Eye Candy" !!!.

Name: andrew
Answer num: 1
26/11/17 07:59:30

Torsen actually is a very sexual manin real life. And his nordic good looks makes him stand out from his Latin costars. You can definitely look forward to seeing more of Torsen in the future.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
26/11/17 13:02:49

I appreciate your prompt reply, Kristen, confirming how correctly I had believed that Torsen Wolf ticked over in every day life, He certainly is an exciting discovery, and obviously meets with the Latin Mens` approval. Here is a man that it is so easy to relate to, and it will be very interesting to see who next he is partnered with..

Name: andrew