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05/12/17 05:12:30

With the currently=featured Lucas Entertainment video we were treated to the magic moment when David Lambert`s thick white cum slowly emerged from Joseph Rough`s puckered and well pounded anus, David happens to be a delightfully determined in the Art of Masturbation, which , leads up to one of the most virile frenzied finales that i have had the pleasure of seeing for a very long time.
With condom- Free videos now being safely in vogue, it would be nice to have more of this kind of highly-sensual sequence of pulsating Anal Entertainment ,, to feast the eyes on.

Name: Cumming internally
Answer num: 1
05/12/17 08:31:00

I don't know if I shoud ruin the fantasy, but those internal cumshots are almost always faked. So when I see them, I just see a guy squeezing cum lube out of his ass. It would be difficult to do it for real, because few guys shoot enough to be able to spill out like that.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
06/12/17 12:48:15

Thank you Kristen , for rightly pointing out "The Tricks of The Trade." No one can deceive your Eagle Eye...Spills are not always faked, so the fantasy can live on. This is a subject that does merit further discussion,

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 3
10/12/17 16:47:47

Kristen, do tell how these Cum Shots are faked. Surely Lucas Entertainment do not go in for Artificial Insemination !

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 4
12/12/17 03:33:40

I'd rather not comment on any specific studio, but this is a common trick in the porn industry. There is a product called Cum Lube, which has the look and texture of real cum. It is easily squirted into the model's ass before the ¨cum shot¨. It requires a lot of Cum Lube to créate this spill over effect; far more than most most men really ejaculate. And of course if it doesn't work the first time, the trick can be done over again. A rule of thumb in porn; if you don't actually see the the cum shot, it was probably faked.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 5
12/12/17 14:30:00

Thanks for this information, Kristen. Now ,Readers of The Forum can ascertain that with your studio, "what they see, they genuinely DO get". The mind boggles that other studios might be using high pressure guns to also shoot cum lube against plate glass mirrors., for greater erotic effect......Again, a bit of a cheap trick.. Yet again, it would appear that The Eye can get deceived., and I dare say that you could cite other outlandish instances. Just a suggestion, you could do a low budget Casting couch video demonstrating all these sneaky techniques, which would probably make The Porn Industry gasp

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 6
14/12/17 20:16:03

while we are on tricks of the trade, what was the trade secret for the hands off cum shot that you did so well 15 years ago and why it is no longer done? were those actors straight while they were getting fucked and then came without any hand jobs?

Name: a fan
Answer num: 7
15/12/17 05:42:48

The technique of the no-hands cum shot was quite simple. The models masturbated to the point of ejaculation, and then let go of their cocks. Both gay and straight models were able to do this. But it doesn't always work; sometimes the guys would just dribble instead a bit instead of really shooting. But we were filming each scene over mutiple days, so we were able to get mutiple cum shots from each model in each scene. We could afford to take some risks. I actually stopped doing the no-hands cumshots due to complaints from viewers who said they were tired of seeing them. It's curious, years ago viewers complained about some things which today are in high demand. I received many complaints about the number of orgy scenes in my films; they wanted to see more couples. There was also quite a big outrage when I revealed in a documentary (MAKING IT WITH KRISTEN BJORN) that some of the models were straight identified. Go figure!

Name: Kristen