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KB Models
13/12/17 17:32:27

Hi Kristen, I like your films :))))

Name: Roman
Answer num: 1
21/12/17 12:47:22

Thanks, Roman!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
27/01/18 13:00:18

There is no doubt that KB has some of the hottest male models. I like the fact that all models are mature. If I can make one suggestion it would be nice if more movies would feature models in hot underwear and don't rip off their jeans (and underwear if they wear some) immediately but allow a little bit of time for the models to play with each other (grinding, crotching, groping, grabbing balls, etc.) and leave a little bit up to the imagination. I personally find that extremely hot rather than going from fully dressed to naked in 2 seconds. I'm sure there are other KB Model admirers that feel the same way. Just a humble suggestion.