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Nicoli Cole
06/01/18 04:20:42

Kristen, I regard Nicoli Cole as one of your great discoveries, He truly knows how "to set the pace" in all respects, and, in the two films that I have seen, he is remarkably good in all the roles that he highlights.. It would have been interesting to see him pair with Jan Bavor, as I think that the chemistry would have been incredible, Hopefully, you will be making a Casting Couch video with both of these up and coming stars, very soon. I personally cannot wait to see them perform again ,with their obviously- insatiable appetites for rampant sex.

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 1
06/01/18 04:44:51

Yes, Nicoli is certainly a natural! He and his boyfriend, Tonny Scott live in Mexico. They were in Europe for a couple of months last year, and we did a casting of the two. Then, we shot several scenes with each of them in Madrid and Prague. So, there are more scenes with Nicoli yet to be released.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
07/01/18 16:28:07

Thanks for this information, Kristen, and i am pleased to hear that Nicoli has completed some additional filming with you. You are definitely The Director that can best harness his talents, as
he lives in The Realms of Sensuality. It is interesting to know that he and Tonny have chosen Mexico as a base, I am sure that they will get on well there..

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 3
08/01/18 13:34:08

Kristen,when you introduce your Stars, you can make some very discerning comments, All of which are original, What you put on record regarding Marco Rubbi was the ultimate accolade, but calling Nicoli "A Natural" comes not far behind, Who now, do you consider to be" Naturals", worthy of notice. ? I am not asking for comparisons, but it would be interesting if Forum Readers could make their choice of ""Naturals". Being referred to as "A Natural", is the biggest compliment that a man with a high level of Sexual Power in his loins, can hope to get !

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 4
08/01/18 13:53:12

To be honest, it was Calvin Mullins who wrote the profile description about Marco Rubi... Not me. When I say that Nicoli is a natural, I mean a naturally good performer. There are some guys who are gifted with it from the start, even without previous experience in front of the camera. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are the handsomest models, but that they always perform well, and do so from the start. A couple of such models whom ocurre to me off hand are John Rodríguez and James Castle.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 5
09/01/18 06:45:18

Kristen,thanks for giving Calvin Mullins the credit for what was written about Marco Rubbi. I can understand that introductions have to be fairly-worded so that there is an even distributions of Accolades.After all, each Star is an Individual. I a\ particularly admire James Castle, who would seem to be a highly-intelligent man in his private life,
Camaraderie is a big consideration, when it involves Close Up Camera work. I like your use of the term "Natural", for it has been used in relation to me., as I can see a younger version of myself in Nicoli Cole. His Solo performance in " Masquerade for Men", is particularly -memorable as "Quality Time", which most virile men like to spend daily....

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 6
09/01/18 16:24:39

With reference to John Rodriguez, anyone that encounters those magnificent Abs , with their oh-so-sensitive nerve centres, will, if they are handled right, result in an out-of-the -ordinary sexual encounter. Kristen, you were so right to include him as "A Natural", so thanks for the introduction !

Name: Andrew