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Kevin Costa
13/01/18 13:46:18

Kevin is rather an exciting recruit to the casting couch, and , as yet, no information has appeared, concerning him. Young men with thighs like his, are few and far between, but that is not all that is sensual about his appearance. I really do hope that he will be asked to do more filming with the studio, as he is a very responsive Bottom, and puts so much into his performance that his rather nice skin tone, shines with the sweat of true exertion........

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 1
13/01/18 14:33:07

Sorry to dissapoint you Andrew. The casting with Kevin Costa was shot some years ago, and for some reason he never went on to shoot more videos with us. I think that he didnt want to shoot again, because he certainly could have. I dont remember all the details, but I believe that it had something to do with a jealous boyfriend. We lose a lot of models that way!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
14/01/18 10:53:06

Kristen, at least it is on record that Kevin has been praised for his performance,, Controlling Boyfriends are a fly in the ointment., and this, for sure, was a good opportunity lost. through no fault of your studio. Kevin will know that he was given a very good chance to excel ! It would be interesting to know the names of other models, who have been lost to Posterity........

Name: Andrew