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16/01/18 13:36:03

Having already praised the performance of the two models Attila Kardos and Dani Robles, Kristen, In one way I can appreciate why this was billed , in one way, as" Romance", but in another way, this video clearly demonstrates just how that so-desirable massive Male Climax can be achieved,....
A candid series celebrating that kind of skill, would not be "Sexist" ,even if it is entitled "The Male Climax" ! I truly think that Attila and Dani have certainly lead the way, as well as two other currently featured this month , namely partners Tonny Scott,, with the irrepressible Nicoli Cole. Having declared all these Delights, this is what the sizzling Male Sex Act is definitely all about.

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 1
19/01/18 04:36:12

Thanks for the comments, Andrew. When you say massive male climax, are you referring to to the amount of cum they shoot?

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
20/01/18 04:22:41

The incredible Male Climax that I am alluding to, Kristen, shoots through the whole of the Male Frame, in such a virile manner, but the more cum that a model can shoot, the better quality of climax results, as the feeling certainly lasts for a few more joyous seconds. It all depends on the amount of squeezing that can be ably - performed by the Bottom`s Second Sphincter muscle.

Name: andrew