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11/11/09 06:23:38

Hello Kristian; We can see in some behind the scenes videos (like EL Rancho), the models stay ghatered in the same place during the shoots; so do you ask to them don't fuck before the shootings?.. Are there that "sexual tension" on the sets?.. Is there sex off cameras?.. and who are the "horniest" models, that they can't to wait to fuck??

Name: Cellio
Answer num: 1
12/11/09 00:27:32

Since we take 4 days to shoot each scene, the models and crew usually stay and work in the location where we are filming. I ask the models to avoid any kind of sex, even masturbation during the shoots so that the sexual energy can be saved for the filming. Of course this is easier said then done.

I can't think of any model hornier than Ricardo Safado. If you watch the behind the scenes videos from SKIN DEEP 1&2, you will get a small taste of Ricardo's insatiable hornyness!


Name: Kristen