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Tropical Adventure
13/11/09 07:36:03

Hi Kristen/Antonio:  I have seen the blog (great job with that) and see that there is a new release coming.  Can you tell me when we will be able to order this new film?  Also is there any juicy information you can share with us about the film?

Name: Alex
Answer num: 1
14/11/09 02:53:14

We are hoping to release TROPICAL ADVENTURE, part 1 on November 21st. It's now being manufactured, and it needs to be shipped from the East coast to the West coast; so we want to be sure to have it in stock before offering it on the site.

TROPICAL ADVENTURE part 2 is scheduled to be released one month later. Each part is two and a half hours long, and we will offer a two week membership (or upgrade) with each part.

Keep an eye on our blog: will be updating it weekly with more information and more photos from the upcoming releases.

Name: Kristen