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Old video
23/01/19 09:46:58

hello! I really love your old vids, and this one is probably my favourite ever - Horns of Plenty 1 Scene 6, David Dirdam & Alex Ferrari. David's physique and passion are just amazing. But like most of the scenes shot in 90s and 00s it's got background music, which I find anoying.
Is it possible to get this scene (or just an audio track from it) without music, for my home collection?

Name: Gustav
Answer num: 1
23/01/19 12:22:06

I'm afraid not. HORNS OF PLENTY was made in 2008. At that time it was normal for films to have music tracks. There is no way to go back and resore the sound without music. Starting in 2010, I began making the music optional on DVDs and downloads. And since 2015, we only have music at the beginning of scenes before sex.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
24/01/19 06:39:23

Ok, thanks for the answer. Maybe original videos before editing have not been lost for this scene and saved somewhere on your HDDs? I could pay for that as for "personal order".

Name: Gustav
Answer num: 3
24/01/19 13:08:14

The film you are asking about was shot on an analog Betacam camera. The footage was never on hard drives.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
24/01/19 17:46:55

The original analog footage (before sound editing) has been irretrievably lost as well? What a pity.
Thanks for wasting your time.

Name: Gustav