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05/06/19 18:25:18

Hi! I would like to put a sugestion for a scene, put 3 brazilian guys, Marcos Oliveira, Mario Galeno and Andy Onassis with lots of rimjob and dirty talking in portuguese..its sexy when they speak their language.

Name: Buttlover93
Answer num: 1
09/06/19 17:14:19

Yes! these 3 seems to have good energy in scene and they like talking, at least we can see that..

Name: Guto
Answer num: 2
10/06/19 04:38:53

Mario Galeno unfortunately isn't doing porn any more. However, we do already have a scene with Marcos Oliveira and Andy Onassis together online.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 3
10/06/19 22:07:45

yes, it would be good to put them together in a group scene with other brazilian guys too..

Name: Buttlover93
Answer num: 4
14/06/19 11:59:21

That's too bad that Galeno has retired. :(

Name: JP