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Endless gratitude
30/10/19 12:15:01

I want to express my deep gratitude to you for your excellent work for several decades now. I am very happy to be a member of your site, which for me is like a treasure chest that is replenished weekly. Being your fan, Kristen, and all your work, I really want to know as much as possible details about the filming of your wonderful scenes with divine actors, for compiling my own database (date, location). It is a pity that the section Behind the scenes has not been replenished for a long time, but many thanks for what was posted earlier - the behind-the-scenes video is as masterpiece as the films themselves.

Name: Alex
Answer num: 1
30/10/19 12:17:00

I have a suggestion. Why don't you add some clothes (jeans, T-shirts, underwear) that belong to the actors themselves or worn by them during the shooting to the store? (some sites do this). I think many fans would love to have at least some piece of their favorite model.

Name: Alex