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[REQUEST] I cant find his name, who is he?
10/03/20 20:25:20

Name: max
Answer num: 1
11/03/20 20:34:46

Years before directing videos, I did photography in Brazil for several American magazines. The model in question is one of the many men whom I photographed there, and who never went on to make videos.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
11/03/20 21:12:10

Thanks, Kristen. But is there ever a chance, to know his Model-Name or you will ever publish some of your fabulous photoshots of him?

Name: max
Answer num: 3
12/03/20 09:48:50

The magazines I used to work for created names for the models; so I don't recall at this point which name they assigned to him. I couldn't say if I will be able to publish his photos again.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
17/02/21 15:39:41

This model had the name Alexandre. I used to download the photos that were on the site at the time. There used to be lots of photo sets of models and movie scenes, but you could only purchase the scenes just on VHS at the time. Long before streaming was available. It took long enough to download a photo. This would have been in the 90's.

Name: Tom
Answer num: 5
17/02/21 17:14:44

This is another model I photographed in Brazil in the 80's. He never made videos

Name: Kristen