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Tom Estrada
02/04/20 22:39:21

The model Tom Estrada from the Casting Couch scenes is really hot. Any chance that he will be back in the future?
He also had a scene under the name Roberto Murano before. why was the name changed?

Name: Lory
Answer num: 1
03/04/20 13:26:45

Tom decided to stop making videos 10 years ago. It's anyone's guess if he will change his mind, and make a comeback.
Sometimes models suddenly decide to change their names for any number of reasons. That was the case with Tom.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
03/04/20 15:56:01

Thank you for the answer. Did he also act in any of your movies?

Name: Lory
Answer num: 3
03/04/20 16:33:18

No, unfortunately he didn't. I wanted him to, but by then he had changed his mind.

Name: Kristen