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Movie scenes
21/05/20 19:00:25

I got a return email from the helpdesk stating that the the discount to sarava production no longer exists because all the things on it are on Kristen Bjorn but as far as I can see there are many movie scenes available on sarava that are not available on the other site I'm a little confused for example first time one does not have all its scenes available on the main site only on sarava

Name: John
Answer num: 1
22/05/20 09:22:44

John, please send me an email directly about this matter:

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
05/06/20 09:41:58

During the last month I have only been allowed 9 downloads,I have a 1 year subscription, is there a GB download limit

Name: Ken
Answer num: 3
05/06/20 10:01:19

The download limit is 10 scenes per day. There is no GB limit. If you are experiencing issues, please write to

Name: Kristen