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21/11/09 09:42:44

Hi Kristen/ Antonio, how do you find the scenary of production locations- that luxury houses, old villas, country-side houses- ? Do you rent that houses or are friends' houses? Why do you prefer shooting in Central America, specially in Costa Rica? Any plans to come back to shooting in Brazil again?

Name: cellio
Answer num: 1
21/11/09 12:14:36

I do a lot of scouting for locations, because I think that aside from great models, locations are  important for a visual impact. The houses where we work are always rented; sometimes they belong to friends, other times not. The locations also need to have a lot of privacy so we shoot without hassles.

When I was based in Miami, Central America and the caribbean were easy areas to work in... they was close by, and the countries there don't require visas from almost any nationality, no matter if they are coming from Eastern Europe, or South America. But with the exception of TROPICAL ADVENTURE 1&2, I haven't filmed outside of Europe for years.

Under the right condictions, I would film in Brazil again. I have always worked with many Brazilian models, and I plan to continue doing so, no matter where we are shooting. In the end, I don't think that's so important what countries we are shooting in; what's important to me are the following considerations; is it legal? Is it safe? Is it inexpensive? Is it easily accessible? Are there strict visa requirements? Is the weather good? Both cast and crew always love to go on a trip!




Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
22/11/09 03:43:10

Thanks Kristen. So, Action and Pride was filmed after Tropical Adventures? Action was filmed in Europe? So, a production shooting recently can be reallised before than other ineditas productions? Are you based in Europe?

(I know, you have lots of contacts in brasil, mas se você precisar de algo, terei imenso prazer em ajudá-lo!!)

Name: cellio
Answer num: 3
22/11/09 22:56:19

My films are always released in the sequence they are filmed in, and TROPICAL ADVENTURE was shot after the other titles mentioned. 

What I meant to say was that TROPICAL ADVENTURE was the first film I have shot outside of Europe in the past 5 years, where I have been based since 2004. (Agradeço o convite, Celio!) And yes, ACTION! was shot in Europe.

Name: Kristen