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Another Scenes Suggestion
17/08/20 03:16:05

I have two very strong fetishes - cum eating and ass to mouth. When I say cum eating I mean actually swallowing, not spitting out. I would like to see more scenes featuring ass to mouth and the bottoms eating their Top’s cum. Thanks!

Name: Hhiggenlooper
Answer num: 1
17/08/20 06:59:39

Thanks, Hhiggenlooper. We will keep this is mind.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
08/09/20 10:50:31

I have no complains about your work. It's a delicious, good taste and beautiful work. Just a thing: Why you didn't release Blu Rays? It would be a detail, because the adult entertaining industry is full of DVD's. Thanks for your time and dedication, beside the models, I love the ambiance, the artistic places where you film, and the music. Hugs and love.

Name: jj_allrigth