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Blu Ray release.
08/09/20 10:52:35

(I had to post this again beacuse I was confused) I have no complains about your work. It's a delicious, good taste and beautiful work. Just a thing: Why you didn't release Blu Rays? It would be a detail, because the adult entertaining industry is full of DVD's. Thanks for your time and dedication, beside the models, I love the ambiance, the artistic places where you film, and the music. Hugs and love.

Name: jj_allrigth
Answer num: 1
08/09/20 17:21:29

Thank you for your praise. By the time demand for Blue Ray started, DVDs sales were already on the decline. Blue Rays were significantly more expensive to manufacture than DVDs, and like DVDs, they had to be manufactured in very large batches, which wasn't good business sense in a shrinking market. Unfortuntely, DVD sales have declined around 95% in the past 10 years

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
08/06/21 19:15:02

How do I watch a full movie.

Name: Michael
Answer num: 3
08/06/21 19:15:10

How do I watch a full movie.

Name: Michael
Answer num: 4
08/06/21 19:33:45

As a member of the website, you can watch or download scenes one at a time. If you want to purchase a full film download, you can do that in the VOD area of the website.

Name: Kristen