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Behind the Scenes and Photoshoots
01/01/21 22:19:37

I used to buy your tapes many (many) years ago at $99.00 each (as internet was just starting) and have joined your site many times since. I know the pandemic may have created the need for extra content - hence your newer/recent releases of the "Behind The Scenes" footage. I must say that I have always LOVED that content...guys standing around with hardons showing off and goofing off...not touching their hard dicks, walking around with boners ...well, I think you get me. Hope when things return to normal, you will continue to post the Behind The Scenes and Photoshoot content - after all, it's free and just extra stuff to spice up your collections. Best of luck in 2021!

Name: Mike
Answer num: 1
20/01/21 04:37:08

I agree with Mike. Why not add some behind the scene would allow the actors to show a side of them not many people get to see and know.

Name: T Michael
Answer num: 2
20/01/21 12:03:07

We have been posting new behind the scenes videos regularly for the past 7 months. I'm glad to hear that you guys enjoy them!

Name: Kristen