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Gregoire Chevalier
22/11/09 10:04:01

Hi, Thank you for your reply about Gregoire. Is there a reason why his photo is not included in the model list?

Name: Luke
Answer num: 1
22/11/09 22:45:14

Actually, I wasn't aware that Gregoire wasn't in the model list until this question was asked... During the process of redesigning the website, his profile may have been lost by accident. We will reinstate it soon.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
25/11/09 15:50:43

Thanks very much for you kind attention.

Name: Luke
Answer num: 3
29/11/09 04:57:55

Maybe, can be the same with Rock Gaucho interview: Why it was taked off from the porn star interview section?

Name: jorge
Answer num: 4
01/12/09 02:23:12

I also wasn't aware that Rocky Oliveira's interview was no longer online. I will check with the webmaster about this.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 5
02/12/09 04:08:51

Gregoire's profile is back online, as well as Rocky's interview. Let us know if there's anything else wrong... It's hard for us to keep track of everything thing we have on the site!

Name: Kristen