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29/11/09 03:37:51

Hi Kristen/ Antonio; Normaly, how many people , besides the models, stay on the sets during a fuck scene shooting? Are there inibitions moments by the models? or they are- I think- normally exibicionists? do they ask some special request? We can see, in some behind the scens videos, you put the model togheter touching, kissing, sucking .. each other- that is an warm up or a moment to know each other and lost the inibitions??


Name: cellio
Answer num: 1
01/12/09 02:14:58

The crew present on the set usually consists of 3 people; two cameramen (including yours truely) plus a still photographer. It's always better for the models to have as few people as possible on the set, because they feel less pressured and inhibited with fewer people watching. The models are all different; some are more shy, some are more exhibitionistic. Sometimes we need to leave them alone with their co-stars to get started. This is particularly true of inexperienced, new models.

Before we begin a new scene, we have the models get together to touch, kiss, and suck each other before we start filming. This is indeed a warm up to make them feel more comfortable and intimate before the actual filming starts.

Name: Kristen