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04/12/09 11:17:29

Hello Kristen! So, lots and lots of hot studs have crossed your sets.. In all this years, in your memories, which would you consider one of the hottest moment or moments? In your opnion, who do you consider one of most "insaciable " top; an "insaciable botton; and a very talented cocksucker?? What a hot question... Thanks!

Name: Kalled
Answer num: 1
08/12/09 09:37:32

Well, after more than 20 years in the business, it's not easy for me recall all of the moments spent filming hundreds of very hot men! But when there is real chemistry between the guys, I just concentrate on capturing what is happening rather then trying to orchistrate it. It can be really amazing to watch!

As for who does what best, I find that the most sexual guys are actually the ones that do it all like their lives depended on it! Guys like those do everything like they were born for it.

I'd rather not name names, because I don't want to leave anyone out... But you can tell by their performances which guys are the best fuckers, suckers, and all out sex crazed...

Who would you say they are?

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
08/12/09 14:27:37

Ok, from the most recent production, an cocksucker scene that I think is very, very hot is from Action: Daniel Marvin and Gustavo Arrango sucking with total abandon Carlos Montenegro' big dick- specially that moment with Gustavo take all the dick size in his mouth and Carlos throw his head behind in a deep groaning of pleasure- that looks very real, they are having a great time!!  And a very HOT FUCK , of the most recents- is Rocky Oliveira x Carlos Montenegro fuck in Fire Dance; Its looks Carlos is having a great pleasure while Rocky is fucking him, whispering some hot words to Rocky " come, me come.." looks they had a great and real chemistry in that scene!! What do you think about that Kristen???

(you should put some behind-the-scene material from Fire Dance on the making it section!!)

Name: kalled
Answer num: 3
09/12/09 04:56:11

There definitly was real chemistry in the two scenes you mention. Are there any other scenes that stand out for you guys?

There were behind the scenes photos from FIRE DANCE posted before the site was redesigned... I guess it went missing with the switch. I will be sure that they are posted again soon.

Name: Kristen