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tribute to Kristin
12/05/23 14:03:12

I've been a member of your site for a long time. Sometimes I did search elsewhere, but always returned. Most recently, I ventured forth to LUCAS and found most of the work there to be inferior.. Part of my problem might be that I used to direct a number of gay shows, and my old beau was a porn actor. So I'm naturally picky. BUT! Some of your work, Kristin, borders on MASTERPIECES; some even approach true fine art. I can never get over your genius at lighting, editing, choreography and casting. Myself, along with many other gay men (of a certain age!) have recently found the business to be suffering due to the advent of Tik Tok, etc. I can only say....RISE ABOVE IT! You and your work are brilliant. Sincerely, Mike Butler / email:

Name: Mike Buter
Answer num: 1
14/05/23 06:39:52

Thanks so much for your praise, Mike. I've strived for many years to make the highest quality productions possible. The real culprits of the decline of the porn industry however, are piracy (free tube sites) and most lately, OnlyFans, not Tik Tok.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
19/09/23 10:31:47

I very much agree with Mike about your work, Kristen. It's beautifully shot and the focus on pleasure is mirrored in the way you craft the editing, music and composition. Truly artful in a way almost no one achieves these days in porn. There are a few studios with an occasional scene that achieves magic, but they are few and far between and nowhere near as consistent as The Kristen Bjorn work. Thank you so much for what you do.

Name: Armando