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Did you ever have any straight model get disgusted and walk of set ?
06/01/24 20:20:15

First, can you give me a ratio of how many of your models self identify as straight versus gay totaling 100% ?

Second how do you get straight models to do more and more gay things with the example of Carlos Montenegro ultimately bottoming ?

Third, has there ever been any straight models who refused to do anything gay or interact with the other models and walk of the set disgusted ?

Name: Larry
Answer num: 1
17/01/24 03:53:25

I've been shooting videos since 1988, and in numerous different countries. So, things have changed a lot over the years, and attitudes about sexuality have changed as well Presently, all the models I work with self identify as gay or bisexual.

Years ago, I did work with some models who at the time self identified as straight. However, these days those same models would probably self identify as bisexual . It's not so taboo anymore.

I've never tried to convince models to do things that they weren't willing to do.

No model has ever refused to interact with other models, or walked off the set in disgust. They already know exactly what the work is before we start,

Name: Kristen