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Can you elaborate more on how you cast the models ?
09/01/24 14:50:09

I've watched all the videos where you narrate and interview the models in you "making it" video.

In the making it videos where you narrate, you never explained the process of how models are cast.

Can you go into more details in these questions I have.

I did see this

"There are several model finders working out of various different countries who help us find new actors.
These are Carlos Caballero, Ed and Paolo Novoa who work out of Spain. If they contact you, you can be sure that they work with us"

After a model is scouted, where are the casting videos filmed ?

How long does it take normally to film a casting video ?

Do you, Kristen, film the cast video or someone else?

Name: Larry
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17/01/24 04:11:00

We started to shoot casting videos in 2006 in order to weed out models who didn't perform well before going on to work with them in feature films.

These days, the casting shoots take about 4-5 hours to shoot, and we do most of the casting shoots in Spain. However, in the past, casting shoots were done in various different countries whenever there was a concentration of new models to shoot with.

Normally, i don't direct the casting shoots. That is usually done by Strongboli or Carlos Caballero

Name: Kristen