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Purchasing Digital Copies
14/01/10 09:03:31

I recently purchased a scene using the permanent download DRM free option. After paying for it using, there was no link for me to download the scene. The problem was resolved later by But I like to ask if anyone member out there who has purchased a digital copy. How do you normally download after payment? Do you receive an email with the link? I am curious as I am planning to purchase another digital movie but don't wish to encounter the same hassle. Oh btw, I can only pay on since CCbill won't accept my credit card for some reasons. Please share your experience. Thanks.

Name: Bill
Answer num: 1
16/01/10 09:57:09

Well, I'm obviously not a fellow member, but I can tell you how the digital download works. After payment, you should receive an instant receipt from CCBill or Epoch, (whichever one you choose for payment), and a download link should be in that receipt. We also send an instant, automatic e-mail to customers with backups links in case the first one fails.

If both of these methods fail for some reason, please send a message to the online store, and a link will be generated for you a.s.a.p. This doesn't usually happen, but given the complexity of the internet, anything is possible!

Name: Kristen