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Live action
16/01/10 04:10:43

hello Kristen.. you have said that you was planning live chat with the models and menbers, or live action, and thinks like that.. Are you thinking yet about that? Would be grate if the menber could chat with the Kristen' studs or see hot live action!! or chat with you as well!! I hope are you thinking about that!!

(it´s great to know you have a knew movie with Carlos Montenegro to realese next march- I can´t wait that- and I hope you have new plans with him in 2010!! I think he is one of hottest Kristen' stud!!)

Name: kalled
Answer num: 1
16/01/10 10:01:36

Live chats and live shows are something we are currently studying at the moment, along with other improvements to the member's area. What kind of live entertainment do you guys prefer? It would be good to have your imput.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
17/01/10 17:14:22

Hello Kristen, Would be great to chat with the models and of course, see live sex show (solo or duo..) like others studios (falcon, Hot House..) that is HOT!! I know some oif the models don´t speak english, but I thunk is not a dificul problem to solve, and Sex is an universal language!!

Name: Kalled
Answer num: 3
26/01/10 13:19:07

- chat with the stars

-chat with Kristen

-live sex show or live from the sets!! (the fans could see what is happening on the sets!! Can you imagine that??!!)

Name: cellio
Answer num: 4
26/01/10 13:22:24

live from the sets it is: we could see what is happening behind the scenes; some "flashs" from the sets!!

Name: cellio
Answer num: 5
30/01/10 10:16:30

Yes, we will soon be doing live action shows for site members. That is one of several projects we are now working on.

Name: Kristen