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Axel McDougal & Robert McDougal & Hugo Martin
25/02/10 08:21:40

Are not Axel McDougal and Robert McDougal the same guy?  He's a terrific bottom and recently appeared in a Staghomme with Franceso DeMarco.  Any chance of getting him back?  Also, Hugo Martin is absolutely sensational in any thing he does.  I am a long-time porn reviewer on a major website and I recently joined your site and I find these two to be among you best finds of late--please use them more!

Name: Bo
Answer num: 1
26/02/10 11:32:55

Thanks for your comments. I really don't know what names other companies give the actors, but he is most likely the same person. Robert has done numerous casting couch videos for us, and he will also be in the next Kristen Bjorn film released this Spring, where he gets double penetrated by a pair of Brazilian studs!

Hugo Martin is one of our most regular actors, and he has appeared in most of the Kristen Bjorn films released over the past couple of years. And I agree, he certainly is a hotcake!


Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
04/03/10 13:10:35

Thank you--I gather that Axel and Robert are the same person.  Right?  Also, is Sergilo de Castillo still working for you?

Name: Bo
Answer num: 3
05/03/10 11:10:35

From what I can find on the web, it looks like Francesco D'Macho shot a web clip with Robert a couple of years ago, and called him Axel.

I haven't worked with Sergio de Castillo for a few years. As ar as I know, he moved to the USA in 2006, and has done some work for other companies there.

Name: Kristen