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What did I just pay for?
06/03/10 09:32:08

I'm a fan of kristen bjorn and just paid for a membership to this site.  but, i am wondering what i actually get for the fee???  it seems like i only get access to a few short clips of his movies, not even entire scenes...  am I missing something?  there is a lot more content available on other sites...  hopefully i am just missing something here??

Name: Mack
Answer num: 1
07/03/10 03:43:27

I think you are missing something. Click on the WEB VIDEOS botton. Here you will find CASTING COUCH, which presently has 171 exclusive full sex casting films (with an average length of 15 minutes each), and is updated weekly.

In MOVIE SCENES, there are presently 37 FULL MOVIE SCENES from Kristen Bjorn and Sarava Production films (with an average of 30 minutes each), which are updated twice weekly, as well as two movie more scenes from Lucas Kazan Productions, updated biweekly.

In LOVER'S LANE, there are presently 8 exclusive condomless web scenes featuring real life couples. This is updated when ever possible... Real couples aren't that easy to come by.

In MAKIN' IT, there are presently 63 exclusive behind the scenes videos from the sets of our productions. This area is presently updated biweekly.

In the GALLERIES area, there are hundreds of exclusive photo sets of hundeds of models. This area is updated weekly.

The only part of the member's area that has the film previews you described is BARE TO THE BONE.

In a nutshell (photo galleries and film previews aside), you have 43 hours of exclusive web videos, 20 hours of full movie scenes, 11 hours of behind the scenes videos, and the site is udated 5 times weekly.

We are planning to add new features in the near future, but I hope all of this will be enough to keep you busy meanwhile. If you have further doubts about membership benefits, check out the FREE TOUR, where each feature is shown






Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
07/03/10 03:59:40

It just occurred to me that maybe you have have been viewing the site without signing in. In that case, you will only see previews. You have to click on MEMBERS SIGN IN and log on with your username and password in order to access the member's features.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 3
27/03/10 16:01:37

Why can I only view 4 videos on my iPod? The reason I joined is because it was iPod friendly. I feel like I've been ripped off.

Name: Frotbear