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choicing the models
08/03/10 08:15:35

Hello Kristen, how are you? How do you choose the models for a sex scene? "..this model will be good fucking with that model..", what dou you consider for that? Do the models ask tou you some special request: ".. I would like to fuck with that model.." Is common a model to recuse to make a scene with an determinado model?.. things like that..

(will you put behind-the-scens from Tropical Adventures?)                                                 Thanks, Celio

Name: cellio
Answer num: 1
13/03/10 15:49:08

Well, actors are chosen to combine well with their co-stars. I take into consideration their hight, build, and overall look when I consider combining them. I also take into consideration their own prefereces about the type of guys they are attracted to. Some actors are very particular about whom they will work with, and in those cases, I prefer to show them photos of one another before finalizing the cast to be sure that there is no initial rejection. I always prefer to work with actors who can do a good performance with anyone I put them with.

As for behind the scenes from TROPICAL ADVENTURE, aside from the photo shoots, we shot very little behind the scenes footage form that production. However, the following KB release this Spring has a tremendous amount of behind the scenes videos, which are some of the most entertainings ones we have ever made!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
23/03/10 20:03:21

Good to Know about, and I can´t to wait your next release (specially because my favourite stud (CM) will be  in action again!!..  I love to see that behind the scens shootings, and how you have said    the next release has tremendous amont of behind the scenes videos, why not to release an special disc with that material in this new release!!

Thanks Kristen.

Name: cellio