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29/03/10 07:31:46

Hello Kristen.. A curious question: In the video Pride, we can see between the scenes, clips from  the Madri Gay Pride, which is very hot to see that hot studs in that tiny white speedos teasing us and the public!!.. specially in a moment when three of that studs (carlos montenegro, mateo Peres and marco Salgueiro)   are rubbing his muscles bodies teasing each other (a breathtaking moment!!) and after a scorching fuck betwen them; was that take (on the pride) spontaneous or it was part of the "script"? Was that scenes shooting before or after the Pride?  (its seems a crazy question, but that is so hot.. and or imagination..!!)  You should repeat that in the Gay Pride 2010!!   Thanks.  (It`s sooo hooot when you shooting that studs in tinny speedos and that bulgings...)..


Name: sergio
Answer num: 1
31/03/10 14:12:36

The footage of Madrid's Gay Pride parade was shot just a couple of days before the scene with Carlos, Mateo, and Marco. But the other scenes in the film were shot several months later.

We didn't actually know that we were going to participate in the parade until a few days before the event, because the Madrid city hall told us that a porn studio wasn't allowed to have a flote in the Gay Pride Parade. When they changed their minds, we had little time to organize, and we really had no idea what to expect. Everything that happened during the parade was spontaneous, and it was filmed without any direction. It was only later when I viewed the footage that I realized that it could make an interesting theme for a film. What you see is really what happened, and we were all overwhelmed! It was amazing!


Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
07/04/10 19:06:10

great Kristen, we can see that shooting of the Madrid Gay Parede is spontaneous and the models are having a great time, and maybe..  Carlos, Mateo and Marco was warming up for that fuck that they knew would happen a couple of days after...

Again, you could repeat that in the Gay Pride 2010! HOT

Name: sergio