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11/04/10 06:32:25

Hello Kristen.. Can't to wait see your next  realease!!.. it's like a pre-cum.. (hahaaa...)

Now seriously, we are waiting your next realize, and have you already thinking about to realeze this new film on  BLU-RAY? watch that hot studs fucking in that perfects images of blu-ray tecnology would be even hotter!

(speaking on pre-cum, it's very rare we see on a porn movie fuck scene that pre-cum, and when that happens, it's so HOT.  What do you think Kristen?)


Name: cellio
Answer num: 1
13/04/10 02:22:03

I also think that pre-cum is hot!

I agree that BLU-RAY is a better format than DVD. Unfortunately, due to mass piracy, over-saturation of the market, and the crisis, DVD sales have plummited to a fraction of what they were a couple of years ago. The way things are going, DVDs may dissapear altogether in the near future.

I don't know how we can manage to release films in two different formats under these conditions.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
14/04/10 19:00:30

I agree with you Kristen; there is over-saturation of gay porn movie on market; some studios realeasing three, four.. movies by month!! I think it's impossible the market to absorb this avalanche, and that studios banalise their products; I think studios like yours, Colt,.. are right, when realese only three or four movies by year, creating a  higher spectation and more value to them.

(by chance: I love the title: "Horns of Plenty".. what would be the ispiration??.. can't to wait).

Name: cellio