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Matthias Vannelli
18/04/10 04:33:51

Hello Kristen.. I was watching Rocks and Hard Places, and that scene of Matthias Vannelli bottoning to Rocky de Oliveira is breathless, super hot! Have you already thinking about to put that two of the most beautifull macho men in gay  porn (Matthias and Carlos Montenegro) together in a flip-flop fuck scene ? They were in the same scene in EL Rancho, but unfortunatelly didn`t fuck each other..(what a pity!!).. That would be amazing!!  Think about that (..I have already a screen play scene for that two hot sex machine studs!! )

Name: sergio
Answer num: 1
18/04/10 22:44:28

The idea of course had occured to me, but both Carlos and Matthias are basically tops who can bottom under the right conditions... And one of those conditions is that their partner's cock not be too large. Unfortunately, both of them have dicks are are too big to fuck each other with. You see, when making porn films, it's not always possible to do everything we want to.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
21/04/10 11:04:36

What a pit!! Would be incredibile to see that  two hot studs fucking each other!! And I have noticed that when this two studs- specially Carlos- are bottoning we never see a a very close of the penetration; and they never are hard fucked/ponded! Are that part of conditions as well??..

Name: sergio
Answer num: 3
21/04/10 23:17:46

You never see a closeup of Carlos' penetration shots? I'm surprised to hear that... However, hard pounding is something neither Carlos or Matthias would be able to handle. As I said before, both of these guys are basically tops, and they have a difficult time getting fucked.

In the next release, HORNS OF PLENTY, Carlos bottoms again, and I think this is the best bottoming he has ever done yet!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
22/04/10 08:26:23

Actually, what I meant is in that case you never see "the dick stretching the ass"(you can see the dick inside the ass) as you can see in other fucks scenes.. you can see clearly they are been fucked, but you don't see that closeup like in other scenes! But doesn't matter, just the fact to see that hot studs bottoning is so hot!!

I can't wait to see the next release, specially to see carlos bottoning again, and better than ever..Oh my God!!!

(HORNS OF PLENTY: (aviso/ sinal (clarim,corneta) da abundancia,fartura???....)

Name: sergio
Answer num: 5
02/05/10 11:04:24

I see what you mean. With a huge, hard muscle butt like Carlos has, it is difficult to actually see his hole as he's being fucked! I think you will get a better look at it in this new film HORNS OF PLENTY.

The term HORN OF PLENTY comes from the Latin word CONUCOPIA. In Portuguese, this would translate as CHIFRE DA ABUNDANCIA. In English, it sounds suggestive in plural form. 


Name: Kristen