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23/04/10 09:01:34

By what we can see on the trailer and photos, I am sure it's coming anhother Kristen master piece!! Can't to wait the april 30th to buy that!! and specially a rapid view of a scene take my breath away: Carlos bottoning on the missionary position (I think by the first time in a movie he is bottoning in that position!!) and asking for more.. Can't to wait to see that!

Please, Kristen, ad PLENTY of behind the scenes material to teasing us even more while we are waiting for.; I love to see what happens behind the cameras, specially the studs warming up among themselves.

Thanks and CONGRATULATIONS, I am sure, for another great succeess! another master piece!

Name: Cellio
Answer num: 1
24/04/10 00:39:25

Thanks Celio! You know you're right; this is the first time that Carlos Montenegro has been filmed getting fucked in the missionary position. And he does it so well!

We have filmed more behind the scenes action than ever before, and we'll start posting it soon as teasers, and later full throttle in MAKIN' IT, just for website menbers!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
25/04/10 16:42:15

Relly liked a lot that behind the scenes preview. It has teasing us a lot, warming up for that it's comming! Ver os bastidores daqueles garanhoes se preparando para foder 'e excitante demais!! E aquele momento de "pain and pleasure"... ahhaahhhhhh  demais!!  Hope you ad lots and lots of that material; actually, you could realese a DVD just with behind the scenes shooting! Would be great!!  Valeu Kristen!!

(about Carlos: you see, i know a lot about your movies!! Love all that!!)

Name: Cellio
Answer num: 3
26/04/10 12:10:43

I'm glad you like it Celio! We're not going to release a behind the scenes DVD at this point, but we will be posting LOADS of behind the scenes videos from HORNS OF PLENTY each and every week in MAKIN' IT... Just for website members to enjoy! (Só para vocês, garotoes!)

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
29/04/10 10:30:08

i just got my copy 1 and 2

i can`t wait

thanks Kristen


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